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August 09, 2023

Unleash the Power of Water


Drinking more water can be a simple way to counteract a slowing metabolism as you age. Research shows that regular water drinkers consume 193 fewer calories per day compared to those who don’t drink water.

Starting meals with a glass of water can curb your appetite. To make water more appealing, try adding lemon, lime, or fresh berries for a calorie-free flavour boost. Be cautious with other beverages to avoid empty calories. Opt for 100 percent juice with pulp instead of sugary alternatives. Making smarter choices can not only lead to weight loss but also reshape your body and prevent middle-aged weight gain.

As we get older, our thirst for water decreases, increasing the risk of dehydration and other complications. Adjust your beverage intake based on factors like temperature, activity level, and medical conditions. Consuming a varied diet and staying hydrated with water is essential for overall health.

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