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September 26, 2023

Top 5 Ways Retirement Living Can Improve Your Health


Whether you are considering a retirement community for an older loved one, or are considering moving into a retirement community yourself, it is common to have some level of apprehension. Due to the negative stigma associated with retirement living communities, and the life changes associated with this move, it can be difficult to decide whether a retirement community is right for you.

The fact is, though, that retirement community living comes with a number of benefits to your individual health. Moving into a retirement community can lead to significant improvements to your mind and body. Here are the top five ways that retirement living can actually improve your health overall:

Wellness Programs

While living at home, it can be hard to find exercise and wellness opportunities that meet individuals’ unique needs. Health and wellness programs best fit for older individuals can be tough to seek out in typical towns or cities.

Retirement living prioritizes the health and wellness of their community through designated wellness programs made with residents in mind. Programs like water aerobics, yoga, and dance classes are designed to be accessible by older individuals while still providing enough activity to stimulate their minds and bodies for great exercise. Regular involvement in these programs keeps residents healthier longer, combating muscle loss or atrophy.

Socialization Opportunities

Especially when living alone, retirement living can get lonely after some time. Retirement communities help to combat this loneliness with regular socializing opportunities that encourage residents to get out of their rooms and be active.

Consistent socializing is key to maintaining strong mental health and helps to minimize the risk of depression that can lead to more significant health issues.

Routine Care

As we get older, we become more susceptible to developing long-term health issues that require consistent care. In more serious cases, it can be difficult to keep up with healthcare needs alone. Retirement living can help with these situations, providing around-the-clock care to meet individuals’ health needs. Retirement communities have caregivers and staff trained in long-term care providers that will ensure residents are well taken care of and will be able to assist with medication and care maintenance.

Structured Diet Plans

Our nutrition matters throughout our life, but especially when we are older. Older individuals are more likely to have specific dietary restrictions or nutritional needs to maintain their overall health. Retirement communities have health-focused meal plans that incorporate nutritious ingredients aimed at maintaining a healthy diet for all residents. Without having to worry about going out to purchase ingredients or cooking on their own, residents can enjoy nutritious food that meets their dietary needs.

Safe Environment

Living alone at home, older individuals are more at risk of falling at home or experiencing a break-in or inclement weather event that leaves them in a dangerous situation. Maintaining a safer living space is difficult for individuals with lower mobility.

Retirement living is specifically structured to keep residents safe in an environment fit for them; those working at the facility ensure all safety measures are up to date, including regular smoke and carbon monoxide detector testing, disaster preparation, and more to maintain a safe environment.

Retirement Living at Delmanor

Delmanor Retirement Living communities are a great fit for individuals looking for a living space that prioritizes the health and happiness of their residents. At Delmanor, residents enjoy hotel-style amenities and services for peak comfort and wellness.

Delmanor’s LiveWell program provides residents with a variety of opportunities designed to stimulate their minds and enrich their spirits as part of a happy and healthy retirement living experience.

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