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Nice trail

Danielle Grant
a year ago

Lovely property.

Lorraine Azzopardi
a year ago

Delmanor Prince Edward is a place that everyone can call home. Staff are always very welcoming and ready to assist residents, family and friends. Residents can keep busy with all the activities they offer. The dining room experience is superb. You know it’s a great home by all the positive energy and all the happy faces.

Kathy Kennedy
a year ago

I haven’t been at this or any other retirement home only to visit I remember visiting my granny in Soth Africa it made me so sad as everybody was crying when we left. Hopefully it doesn’t happen as much these days. Anyways here’s a poem visit and think about our place as your home. Although we are not as big as the dome. Your friends and family are welcome here we have a place for all your gear. There is a pleasant staff who look after everyone. It’s like s prize you’ve won. We await your smile and grace. We have tables adorned with lace. So don’t waste time. It doesn’t cost much better than a dime. So bring yourself to your new home best I of all. Give us a call

Jan Crofoot
2 years ago

Delmanor Prince Edward is an exceptional retirement residence, distinguished by its genuinely kind, compassionate and caring staff. For the past two years, my 92-year-old mom and I have been treated like family. Sadly, mom passed away recently, and I am eternally grateful to Karen, Julie, Joven, Princess, Sherri, Isabell, Lori, Grace and the rest of the staff at Delmanor! They go above and beyond each day to brighten the lives of those in their care.

Matt Li
3 years ago

Very well lit and a few amenities, with plenty of helpful staff that offer assistance when necessary.

Karen Monks
2 years ago

Wonderful place to live with beautiful people and amazing views!

Jason Johnston
5 years ago

Great place, very friendly staff. Maria and Beverly are wonderful

Anthony Ruffolo
4 years ago

Gramps loves it!

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